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Available Services

Individualized Health Care

Evaluation and treatment of your symptoms, conditions, acute and/or chronic issues, disease or other ailment that require natural and specific care from Dr. Amanda.


Schedule your free consultation today to see if Tri-City Health Care is the right fit for you. 

Constitutional Hydrotherapy

Relaxing in-office appointment alternating hot and cold to stimulate and support the development and maintenance of a strong & healthy constitution. Indicated for acute and chronic conditions, stress reduction and immune support. 

Consult with Dr. Amanda to determine if this is indicated for you and your health! 

Massage Therapy

Soft tissue treatment to compliment and improve structural chiropractic care. Adjacent to chiropractic medicine, you can schedule 15 or more minutes with our massage therapist & acupuncturist, Bree Ludwig, DAC, LMT.

Bree holds additional office hours for 60 minute appointments, by appointment only.

Bloodwork & Evaluation

Annual and specific lab work and bloodwork are offered at Tri-City Health Care to monitor and treat individualized issues or concerns. Bloodwork helps determine priority and urgency of health conditions. 

Schedule your New Patient consultation & evaluation with Dr. Amanda to determine the appropriate lab work to order. 


An ancient approach to acute and chronic issues, acupuncture stimulates the energy of the body to achieve the desired results. 

Cosmetic Acupuncture is also available for unwanted signs of aging on the face and neck.

Ionic Foot Detox

A gentle in-office full body detox stimulated by an ionizer in warm salt water creating negatively changed ions. Your feet are placed in the warm water for 30 minutes and just like when your feet sweat, your body releases toxicity with the assistance from negative ions...Let the water be the proof!


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