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The medical benefits of Nature’s medicine:


In natural medicine, naturopathic medicine, health is evaluated through diet, stress, sleep, and other factors that often are
affected by everyday decisions and lifestyle habits.
Many people are familiar with the Special Olympics fundraising event titled “Polar Plunge”. It is an event that ends with
participants plunging into Lake Michigan in the middle of winter. Although it sounds frigid and shocking to a body, there are
many beneficial physiological effects to a cold water plunge.
The polar plunge is an example of cold water therapy and hydrotherapy. Hydrotherapy is a form of medicine that uses
internal or external therapeutic application of water for a desired health outcome.
It is uncommon to consider water as a form of medicine, but it often has profound effects on generalized and specific
conditions including illness, injury, and disease. Water is a simple way to incorporate healthy and supportive natural habits
into a lifestyle.
What is considered hydrotherapy?
There are some obvious forms of therapeutic hydrotherapy that include post workout recovery ice baths, ice packs, contrast
hot and cold baths, hot tub, alternating hot/cold shower, and cold shower rinse. There are other less common forms
including constitutional hydrotherapy, sauna, warming socks, and colonics.
Constitutional hydrotherapy is an in-office treatment used to strengthen someone’s “constitution” or the composition of the
body. It can decrease anxious feelings and hyperactivity, while improving immune function, sleep, stress response,
endocrine and hormone function. Much like other forms of medicine including acupuncture and massage therapy, the
conditions listed have been shown to improve with regular and consistent constitutional hydrotherapy application.
Constitutional hydrotherapy is offered at Tri-City Health Care. A consultation with us is the best way to determine if it can
benefit you.
Another form of hydrotherapy, warming socks, is a traditional naturopathic approach to at-home “sick care”. At the first sign
of illness, sore throat, congestion, cough etc., wet a pair of socks, place them in the freezer until almost frozen, wear them to
bed, layering the cold wet socks with a warm dry pair of wool socks on top. Falling asleep with the layered socks and waking
in the morning, or after a full nap, the wet socks should be dry and warm. Repeat as needed. This is a very simple and cost
effective way to stimulate the vis (life force) and immune system to fight the bug pathogen that may be brewing.
Naturopathic and chiropractic medicine is the natural approach to evaluate where there may be gaps in lifestyle and health,
and make the most effective changes with the established goal that is determined between patient and doctor. With natural
interventions and habits like hydrotherapy, the secret is establishing consistency with the treatments you choose. There are
many options and places to start your health journey. Tri-City Health Care is honored to be your choice in natural medicine.

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