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Meet Dr. Amanda, DC, ND

Dr. Amanda graduated with her Doctorate of Chiropractic medicine spring 2019 and Doctorate of Naturopathic medicine spring 2020.  Out of school, she worked in a clinic located in Aurora, IL for just under 4 years.  Now she is practicing in Geneva, Illinois since summer 2023 and thrilled to be at Tri-City Health Care (TCHC).  Dr. Amanda grew up in Wheaton and visited Geneva often as a child and adolescent and working in the Tri-City region of Geneva, St. Charles, and Batavia is truly a dream come true. 

Dr. Amanda is passionate about focused education for the patient and meeting health goals through in-office care and out-of-office lifestyle changes.  Balancing mental, chemical and structural stressors in the body are Dr. Amanda's main approach to meeting goals and maintaining improvements. 

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My Story

I was raised in the western suburbs of Chicago, I attended Western Michigan University and earned a Bachelor of Science, Behavioral Psychology with a minor in holistic health.  I then moved back to the Chicagoland area to pursue my advanced degrees.  Additionally, I have a background in sports medicine in a Division 1 athletic training program, competitive sports, and yoga / H.I.I.T. training pilates instructing.  My extensive background in studying the human body, sports and movement in conjunction with the two doctoral degrees allow me to approach health with a wide array of options and evaluate contributing factors that affect the body.  Often, with simple changes, we can improve and potentially resolve the main complaint. 


I would love the opportunity to hear your story, evaluate your current issues, whether they be:

  • Structural, possibly presenting as pains, decreased range of motion, or difficulty playing your favorite sport

  • Mental stress, decreased sleep quality, feeling exhausted

  • Physiologic, possibly presenting like seasonal allergies, environmental allergies, gut dysfunction, or chemical sensitivities


Sharing your goals for your life and me understanding how best to support and treat you are pivotal in our success together.


Please accept a free consultation with me to see if we could work together to achieve your goals. 


I look forward to meeting you and having an opportunity to share my knowledge with you.


Feel free to schedule a consultation to see if Tri-City Health Care is the right fit for you.

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